Unified Communications/IP Telephony

Unified Communication (UC) or IP Telephony has emerged as the new standard for companies and call centers upgrading or purchasing phone systems.  UC provides a platform that integrates voice and data providing the platform which provides the flexibility and richness of data applications.  A prime example of this is Unified Messaging, which can provide the integration of voice mail, video and email into a common format.  IP Telephony allows seamless communication for all employees regardless of location.

Technology Plus can guide companies through the UC planning acquisition and implementation process.  Some of the common challenges when planning and implementing a unified communications system are: 

Planning and Requirements Development

  • Identification of applications that will provide benefits to the organization 
  • Developing Business cases which include Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Identifying all costs associated with the purchase and implementation. This includes evaluation of the existing network and communication infrastructure and spaces
  • Identification of other systems that could or would be integrated on the data network initially or in the future


  • Integration of multiple manufacturers systems (i.e UC, wireless)
  • Multiple business partners implementing the total solution
  • IP network design and configuration to address existing and total UC Solution
  • Coordinate Cloud Implementation