NG9-1-1 technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The challenge is to keep up with these changes and continue to provide effective and efficient services. Technology Plus can team with you to develop a plan for advancing your program along the path to implementing a sustainable NG911 solution.


The systems of today use collaborative, mission critical devices to extend the reach of information that can be harnessed and turned into relative intelligence. No longer do devices work in silos, they are part of an integrated ecosystem. 

Technology Plus can help you build future ready, mission critical systems with  devices that communicate with each other seamlessly and have innovative applications and capabilities. Technology Plus solutions are purpose-built for public safety and designed to meet regulated standards and benchmarks.

Technology Plus can provide guidance in the many layers and topics including location accuracy, NSI phones, alerting, or cybersecurity. 

  • Standardizing the underlying technology of the nation's separate 911 systems, most likely using IP technology and Internet-based communication links.
  • Creating more centralized databases of information to handle calls.
  • Interconnecting PSAPs to allow unlimited transfers of calls, distribution of overflow 911 calls, to other centers, and other call-handling features.
  • Allowing the 911 system to accept and handle advanced information from citizens, including video, photos, text messages, etc.
  • Interconnecting with private services, such as telematics providers, to handle automatic crash notification (ACN) and other similar data.
  • Adding advanced features to the 911 system, such as automatic routing for languages, mapping, medical info storage, GIS data, enhanced location features, emergency alert systems, etc.