Structured Cabling Systems Design

The Structured Cabling System is the infrastructure that supports most of the low-voltage systems. This ranges from voice, data and video systems to the specialized hospital systems including nurse call, code blue systems, CATV, people and equipment tracking and telemetry systems. It is the consulting teams philosophy to minimize the number of contractors installing the cabling for as many of the low-voltage systems as possible. Therefore, in addition to the design of the systems in which Technology Plus is responsible, Technology Plus will coordinate the planning, design, bidding and installation management with the General Contractor, Owners Representative and other consultants to reap the full benefit and savings of this integrated process. This includes connectivity to the outside plant, design of the fiber backbone, horizontal copper cabling, telecommunication closets and space requirements. The medical equipment, medical systems and other low-voltage systems are included in the Structured Cabling System design. These systems are specifically identified and delineated further below.