Business Continuity

Why Should We Use Business Continuation Consulting?

Juries in recent civil cases have found company officers, presidents and other key executives liable for company damages resulting from their failure to conduct contingency preparedness activities that may have prevented, mitigated or reduced the effects of an emergency. 

Does Your Company Have?

  • Crisis Management System?
  • Vital Records Program?
  • Back-up?
  • Approved Vendor and Escalation List?
  • Test Procedures?
  • Business Continuation Team?

Who Should We Use For Business Continuation Consulting?

Technology Plus, Inc. has developed a comprehensive Business Continuation plan that addresses voice, data, network and image environments. We will provide a complete project analysis and manual that will provide disaster recovery strategies and tactics that will allow your company to identify, segment and restore critical areas necessary for business survival. 

Where Should We Use Business Continuation Consulting?

  • Voice Environment
  • Data Environment
  • Network Environment
  • Image Environment
  • Network Design
  • PBX Design
  • Data Design Business
  • Continuation Education

If In Doubt, Call Us!

What Are The Bottom Line Statistics?

  • 35% of firms that suffer a computer disaster lose over $500,000.00.
  • 31% of computer outages are the results of power failures.
  • 30% of computer users spend one week per year reconstructing data.
  • 72.2% of U.S. Companies have experienced business interruptions because of power outages.
  • 46% of U.S. Companies have had business operations interrupted due to telecommunications failure.
  • 16% of computer/PBX outages are the result of flooding or burst pipes.
  • 33.79% of U.S. Companies have had business interruptions because of lightning storms.