Audiovisual Design

Audiovisual systems are an integral part of today's facilities and are crucial to places designated as public forums like conference rooms, auditoriums, training locales, city council chambers and press areas. Technology Plus will use a methodical approach to design a system which best fits the client's current and future needs. This includes ascertaining and defining requirements, making recommendations, creating performance specifications, evaluating and selecting vendors, and overseeing the project until it is finished and the goals are met. 

Services offered may include: 


  • Projection and Presentation Systems
  • Sound Reinforcement including Microphones, Speakers, etc. for Public Forum and Multi-Media Presentations
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Audiovisual Control Systems
  • Audiovisual Control Rooms
  • Theater Systems
  • Augmented Systems for the Hearing Impaired
  • Paging Systems