Featured Case Studies


Denver International Airport (DIA) Master Plan

Denver, Colorado

Technology Plus was engaged by Denver International Airport (DIA) to develop a technology plan for the Airport. The study was designed to evaluate the Premise Wiring Communications System (PWCS) and Operational Premise Wiring System (OPWCS) to recommend the necessary changes that will allow these systems to meet airport requirements for the next ten years.

The study included the existing data network and the following:

  • An estimation of the current detailed status of the various components, wiring, and facilities in the PWCS and OPWCS
  • Assessments of:
    • Policies, procedures, and other management systems currently in place and utilized daily
    • Current capacity and utilization of the systems, including live circuit testing to verify use
    • Current budgeting process in support of continued operation and growth
    • Evaluations of the high risk areas within the systems
    • Forecasting future growth and usage based on the DIA Master Plan
      • Communications infrastructure
      • Disaster recovery plan and support
      • Data network infrastructure and management
      • Optical network design and routing
      • A full evaluation from the conduits to the cabling was completed, as well as the current Airport Master Plan, infrastructure, SONET, security, and data network. Options and recommendations were presented to the City and County of Denver at the completion of the study.


Alamosa Airport

Alamosa, Colorado

Technology Plus is working with the Jviation design team on the New Airport Terminal Building systems design for the Alamosa Airport project. 

The New Airport Terminal Building has a number of critical communications requirements to support their operation, office environment and connectivity to the key service providers.  The Scope is the design of Terminal Building 2, which is approximately 8500 square feet.   This terminal will replace the existing terminal building. Technology Plus is responsible for the design of the technology systems and infrastructure.  This includes the Structured Cabling System to support voice and data and wireless connectivity, security system (access control, and video surveillance), CATV and paging.

The key elements of this project include the following:

  • Determining communications infrastructure requirements including pathways and spaces
  • Structured Cabling Systems to support voice, data, and wireless systems
  • Initial wireless access point quantities and placement
  • Security Systems including access control and video surveillance
  • Paging systems
  • Distribution system for CATV signals
  • Service provider connectivity

All the systems are being designed to comply with airline and TSA standards, integrate with any existing systems and meet current, as well as future operational requirements.


Columbus International Airport

Columbus, Ohio

Technology Plus (TPI) worked with the Columbus International Airport (CIAP) and Security Risk Management to replace the airports existing Public Address System with an IP based system.  As part of the requirements, TPI evaluated the existing speakers and cabling infrastructure.

Technology Plus provided consulting services, valued requirements and created a specification document.  The requirements validation and data gathering phase reviewed and refined system requirements and implementation strategy.

This project requirements and specifications addressed the following areas:

  • Visual Paging
  • Integration with FIDS and BIDS System, where possible
  • System Implementation with Minimal Downtime
  • Audio Paging