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Featured Case Studies



WE Energies

We Energies are a utility company providing power and gas to much of Wisconsin and parts of the upper peninsula of Michigan.  We Energies developed a new business model that included leveraging UC and previous work done by the We Energies IT team.  The voice network serves 66 locations and is comprised of 26 Avaya CS1000 PBXs one CS1000E PBX. They serve a total of 45 sites via directly connected telephones, remote shelves, remote IP phones, or OPXs.  Avaya BCM50 systems are also in use at 11 small offices. The phone count (approximately 8,400) includes offices, power generation plants and operations.

The project scope included:

  • Identify business unit requirements via interviews with key IT and Business Unit personnel 
  • Identify UC applications and use cases
  • Identify integration points with existing systems (e.g. radio, turret, contact center)
  • Integrate project with other We Energies initiatives (i.e. mobile strategy)
  • Develop a Voice/UC System design to replace our current Voice network
  • Provide testing, validation and confirmation of recommended technologies
  • Develop a migration and implementation plan for the replacement of current system(s)
  • Develop RFP and evaluation matrix 
  • Work with We Energies to evaluate potential solution providers and evaluate vendor proposals
  • Assist with contract negotiations

Goals and implementation strategy:

  • Provide a cost effective UC platform and applications to meet business unit requirements
  • Provide an infrastructure suitable for the migration of the voice network from the present environment to an IP-based Voice/UC network
  • Accomplish a smooth migration with minimal disruption to business processes
  • Reduce operational costs through reduction of the system count, centralization of administrative functions, implementation of specialized OAM tools, and increased reliance on GUI interfaces 
  • Provide a platform for future applications and advanced capabilities
  • Enable the portability of employee telephone numbers, due to either normal job responsibilities or required relocations, while insuring transparency and continuity of service
  • Maintain the high level of availability and reliability for the critical users, including avoiding service interruption or loss of functionality
  • Maintain the high level of availability and reliability of the voice network

A number of UC use cases that improve business processes and efficiency were identified. Two key use cases were: 

  • Mobility integrated with single number reach which improved customer services to We Energies constituents 
  • Implementing video for mobile field workers to facilitate problem resolution



AAA Operations Data Center
Glendale, Arizona

Technology Plus provided the design for the voice and data cabling system for AAA’s Operations Data Center. The design includes coordination at all drop locations and the layout of the data center.Technology Plus provided the design for the structured cabling system coordinating all drop locations and the layout of the data center.

AAA’s 200,000 square-foot data center houses a 625-seat call center, a network operations center, an emergency operations center, and a 200-seat engineering facility. Conference and training room spaces are also located within the center. All audiovisual systems can be controlled via the LAN and interconnection of the systems in the network operations center, conference rooms, and in the emergency operations center allowing for the sharing of spaces as needed.

The network operations center is equipped with a video cube wall capable of displaying network health and satellite and terrestrial television signals. To ensure the reception of information, should a catastrophic event occur, FM and AM radio tuners are included.  All seats are equipped with a local panel that allows the selection and volume control of all audio sources. The audio is inserted into the telephone headset and ceiling speakers may be turned on for major events.

A touch screen control panel located at the supervisor’s station controls the networks operations center.  

Our design included:

  • Voice, data, SMATV, display and audiovisual systems
  • Redundant connectivity to the WAN and service providers
  • Data center design
  • Audiovisual systems



United Launch Alliance
Denver, Colorado

United Launch Alliance, the nation's rocket company, merged their 2,000 plus Denver-area personnel into a four building campus, creating a workplace where staff can walk to meetings, rather than drive. The goal was to improve efficiency, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity.

Technology Plus was chosen to provide the telecommunications, security and audiovisual designs. The Technology Plus team worked with United Launch Alliance providing technology design and enhanced services for 450,000 square-foot renovation project. Each building had its own set of technology requirements from Huddle Rooms to the Executive Board Room to the Launch Support Center.  Conference Rooms, Meeting Centers, and Training Rooms were also part of the mix. All of these spaces were equipped with audiovisual that included large flat panel monitors, video conference systems, and digital presentation systems. Each space was connected to the network to allow room scheduling and remote assistance and maintenance.

Security systems designs included Access Control, Badging Center and Video Surveillance. These systems were designed using IP powered devices wherever possible.

Telecommunication plays a major role on the campus. Design included the pathways to interconnect all buildings allowing the various networks run throughout the campus. Large pathways were provided to support the special requirements for the Labs, Computer Rooms and Operations Center. Telecommunication Room locations were coordinated with the Architect to ensure cable distance limitations were not exceeded. 

The enhanced services solution provided by Technology Plus includes:

  • Structured Cabling System
    • Integrated design for voice, data and security 
  • Pathways and flexible access
    • Main Distribution Frame
    • Telecommunication Rooms
  • Voice and Data Systems
    • Distribution to all office spaces
    • Distribution to all technical spaces
    • Backbone infrastructure
    • Wireless system design
  • Security Systems
    • Access control
    • Card Readers
    • Video Surveillance
    • Recording and Archiving
    • Badging Station
    • Monitoring Stations
  • Audiovisual Systems
    • Flat Panel Displays
    • Presentation Systems
    • Sound Reinforcement
    • Video Conferencing
    • Audio Conferencing
    • Interactive Projectors
    • Video Display Walls
    • Digital Signage
    • High Definition Cable TV System
    • Integrated audiovisual systems
    • Networked Video Distribution System
    • Building wide Paging System