Wyoming National Guard
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Technology Plus worked with the Wyoming Army National Guard (WYARNG) with replacing existing state-wide telecommunications system. The total replacement addressed twenty-five (25) sites and approximately 1600 stations. The sites varied in size from 5 to 600 stations and were designed with total IP telephony redundancy between sites. Technology Plus provided consulting services in the planning acquisition and the procurement phase of the IP Telephony system.  The first implementation phase of the IP Implementation is two (2) sites comprising of 600 stations. The planning phase, which consisted of Options and Recommendations, included the following:

  1. Identify and Develop System Requirements
  2. Budget Development
  3. Develop a New Dial Plan
  4. Create a Migration Strategy for Implementation 
  5. Preliminary Budget Estimates

Technology Plus worked closely with the Wyoming National Guard and State Military Department to create an unbiased and federally compliant Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP phase included RFP development, vendor meetings, RFP evaluation and assistance in vendor selection and contract negotiations.  Responses were received from vendors nationwide requiring an additional level of vendor evaluation to ensure the Wyoming National Guard would receive the best solution to meet their long-term operational requirements for a unified solution statewide.

Technology Plus' services were retained for the implementation/project management phase.  These activities included schedule management, ensuring contract compliance, performance testing and acting as the Owner’s representative for the Wyoming National Guard. Once the system was installed, Technology Plus was responsible for the system acceptance.  The initial implementation covered two (2) sites and approximately 600 handsets in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Rollout of the additional sites will be implemented as funding becomes available.