Sergeant of Arms of the United States Senate

The Client

Known as “the world’s greatest deliberative body,” the United States Senate has been a forum for free debate and the protection of political minorities. “In war and in peace,” explained Senator Robert C. Byrd, “it has been the sure refuge and protector of the rights of the states and of a political minority”. 

The Business Challenge

The Office of the Sergeant At Arms (SAA) was tasked with evaluating and recommendations of key components of the overcapacity Voice Messaging, ACD (Automated Call Distribution) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems.  The highly charged 2016 election created an unprecedented volume of calls (from 2M to 10M per month) from constituents and voicemail boxes quickly filling up. To address this, the Office of the SAA retained Technology Plus (TPI) to evaluate and address these critical issues in two separate projects.

The Business Solution

 TPI initiated a comprehensive analysis to evaluate the ACD, Call Center Operations and the success of the ESNA OfficeLinx Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system. The analysis focused on identifying ACD operational requirements, future functionality, vision and how to best employ Officelinx in this ever-changing environment. Based on our analysis, Technology Plus evaluated the existing Avaya Contact Center ACD system capabilities and made recommendations for the future direction of this and the Officelinx platform technology.

TPI evaluated the SAA organizations’ options for providing voice messaging services, with the understanding that SAA will only consider “premise based”, best in class or embedded/native provider technologies, Technology Plus narrowed the focus to the following three platforms: ESNA OfficeLinx, Microsoft and GenBand. TPI provided an analysis and recommendations report evaluating the three options, comparing capabilities, limitations and cost.

Call Center Consulting

The two projects scope included:

Call Center Analysis;

  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Evaluate Avaya Interactive Voice Response
  • Review Call Center Operations
  • Provide recommendations to improve performance and capacity

Voice Messaging System Analysis & Recommendations;

  • Analyze current platform capacity
  • Discovery on premise based systems
  • Perform comparative analysis of:
    • ESNA
    • Microsoft
    • GenBand
  • Review high level requirements to provide future capacity and feature enhancements.