Aurora Water

The Client

Aurora Water (Aurora, Colorado) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the drinking water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems. Additionally, the treatment of drinking water and non-potable reclaimed wastewater for irrigation, billing and collection, public outreach and water conservation. We acquire and develop future water rights, major capital projects programs and quality control to meet regulatory compliance and public health.

The Business Challenge

Aurora Water department provides one of the most critical elements to nearly 400,000 residents.  Water is essential and the need to secure these resources would also fall into the category of essential. Technology Plus (TPI) was asked to provide Aurora Water with a detailed assessment on the current state of the city's’ security infrastructure.

The Business Solution

TPI performed a comprehensive review, inspecting Aurora Waters’ water treatment reservoirs and their related security.   After a full review of TPI’s site by site “state of security” report, TPI then helped Aurora Water set and agree on what was required to address the security gaps and develop a plan where needed. TPI created an RFP to address the key security issues identified and then assisted Aurora Water in the review and selection process.

Technology Consulting

Security Enhancement

  • Security Assessment
  • Physical Security
    • Access Control
    • Personnel Gates
    • Vehicle Gates
    • Perimeter Fencing
    • Motion Detection
    • Bollards
    • Intercom
  • Video Surveillance
    • Cameras
    • Coverage
    • Control System
    • Video Storage
    • Secure Critical Systems
  • RFP Development & Execution:
    • Develop Requirements
    • Develop RFP
    • Analyze RFP Responses
    • Assist in RFP Selection