State of Colorado
Denver, Colorado

The State of Colorado’s Capital Complex telecommunications system was a large and complex system which supported thirteen (13) locations, and approximately 8,000 handsets at numerous sites in the metropolitan area, as well as pass through connectivity for many State Agencies with stand-alone systems. The replacement of the State of Colorado’s thirteen (13) mode telecommunication systems required a detailed understanding of existing equipment and services, VoIP (Voice over IP) system and requirements, and future requirements. To develop the required RFP, Technology Plus worked with the State to first gather detailed data of the existing telecommunication systems and fully understand the users’ problems and needs, as well as anticipated future requirements.  The second phase of this project called for the platform to increase from 8,000 stations to 9,000 stations. This allowed the chosen system platform to be the core, with the vision that in the future, the selected telephony solution would be implemented for all state agencies. A full understanding of both the data and voice network infrastructures were also required to identify critical pieces for the RFP development and to ultimately implement a VoIP solution.
Technology Plus worked closely with the State of Colorado to access both the current telecommunications requirements and future needs in order to facilitate an informed decision making process in selecting the best system and services. These requirements were incorporated into system specifications with components and features to be included in the new Local Area Network equipment and VoIP Telephone System.  This ensured the system selected would meet the anticipated demands of the State.  

This project covered the requirements and specifications in the following areas:

  • Current and Future Voice Requirements
  • Call Center/Customer Service Issues
  • Telecommunications Closets; Space Considerations
  • Structured Cabling System
  • Fiber Optic Network
  • Wireless Communication Options
  • Unified Messaging
  • Network Security
  • E-911 Compatibility
  • Bandwidth Requirements
  • Business Continuity/Redundancy
  • Migration Plan
  • Number Portability with Current DID’s and Dial Plan

The project had a short time frame of less than two (2) months for requirements gathering and system specifications to release the RFP.  The discovery and requirements process was streamlined to focus on broad issues, allowing more time for system comparison and financial analysis.