About Technology Plus


Technology Plus is a well-established and leading Consulting and Design firm with expertise in major low-voltage disciplines; Communication, Security, Audiovisual Systems, Consulting and Design. Our group of professionals is well versed with the types and the associated complexities of the low- voltage systems found in today’s projects. We understand the convergence of telecommunications, security and audiovisual, consulting and design systems and actively design to that convergence where possible. In most cases the result is less costly infrastructure and cabling systems design.



Technology Plus commits our high level of technical expertise and our understanding of our clients’ requirements to design systems that meet their short and long term needs. Our commitment extends from the initial meeting to the acceptance and sign-off of the completed systems, enabling the clients’ to meet immediate objectives while planning for future growth.



The technical staff at Technology Plus possesses a high level of specialized expertise. Our engineers use their technical skills and communication abilities to translate the clients’ requirements to construction documents and specifications and, in the process, provide the electrical and mechanical engineers valuable information, such as the technology equipment heat-loads and power requirements. Working closely with the Architect, the staff works to seamlessly integrate the technology into the architectural design.