Owner’s Technology Representative

Technology Plus, Incorporated has been in business since 1991.  We are a technology consulting firm specializing in voice, data, communications, security, consulting and design and audiovisual systems.  As an Owner’s Technology Representative, our services extend from design through completion and commissioning.   As the Owner’s Representative, Technology Plus provides written reviews, reports and recommendations on all technology related items associated with the project. This includes reviews, comments on proposals, submittals and other documentation supplied by the company or its subcontractors.


Providing a Technology Single Point of Contact


Planning and Design Phase


• Coordinate Technology Requirements  
• Attend Design Meetings
• Assist in Defining Performance Criteria
• Identify Deviations
• Design and  Engineering  Oversight
• Cost  Estimating
• Peer Review Technology Design Drawings
• Create Progress Reports
• Review Drawings and Submittals and
   Make Recommendations
• Assist in Coordination Efforts
   Between Team Members and Company
• Value Engineering


Construction Phase


• Participate in Construction Phase Site
 Verify Delivery and Accuracy of
   As-Built Drawings
• Attend Construction Meetings
• Issue Request for Clarification
• Value Engineering
• Review and Advise Commissioning Reports
• Construction Oversight
• Perform Regular Construction Site Tests